Marek, Free Leagues Ranger

Marek was an unpleasant half-elf ranger and member of the Free Leagues, hunting the Sharhaven Conspirator Dragomir in Mirkwind.

History and PersonalityEdit

It can be gathered that Dragomir and Marek had some manner of long-standing emnity, but beyond that Marek's role is a mystery. The Free Leagues were just one of the many groups hunting the Sharhaven Conspiracy, and Marek volunteered for the role of assassinating Dragomir. In manner he was rude, cold and professional, maintaining a haughty disposition and often ignoring those around him.

In the CampaignEdit

After conversing briefly with the party, in which he irritated them all, Marek left the Blackwood Inn in Mirkwind. Dragomir asked for the players' help in slaying the ranger, to which they agreed, and the plan was carried out successfully. They ran Marek down in the street, despite his attempt to flee, and stuffed his corpse down an alley.