Corvan II

Corvan II "The Magnificent"

King Corvan II ("The Magnificent") was the sixth king of Anvar and probably the most famous. He was widely respected and loved for his valour, wisdom and unfailing decency.

History and PersonalityEdit

Corvan was born only two weeks before his father, Ryman I, was killed in battle against the invading forces of the island-kingdom of Passage. His court managed to rally their defenses and save Anvar, but at heavy losses. Thus, Corvan grew up in a sombre country, with a poor economy and an uncertain future. However, Corvan made sensible decisions regarding the people as soon as he came of age, and by securing trade agreements with Orkay, Anvar flourished once more. However, the armies from Passage came once more, twenty years later, led by the warrior king Davodred, to whom many countries had already knelt. The dwarves of Dura made an agreement with Corvan, and their joint armies stood fast as the invaders smashed against their shores. When Davodred defeated King Oren of the dwarves, Corvan's court called for him to surrender. Rather, the young king took refuge in the ruins of Sharhaven, and the armies of Davodred came, as Corvan knew they would. Using his mages and his brilliant tactical mind, Corvan brought down the city towers on the invading army and crushed most of them. Davodred and his generals were surrounded, and one by one they were executed, with the final blows presided by Corvan himself. The young king became an international figure of legend, and his name commands great respect within the annals of Anvarian history.