The Insane Cleric Bathus

Balthus was an insane half-orc cleric who was attempting to create an undead army in the tombs south of Tommen's Crossing in the Grey Marches.

History and PersonalityEdit

Sabjorn and Daevis first heard about the cleric from guard captain D'Val, who informed them about the sketchy plans the half-orc had made, to reanimate the ancient dead and establish a fortress in the ruins. He was presumably a member or former member of the orc tribe nearby, but he showed no clan signs or tattoos. He was instantly hostile and frenzied when the party found him.

In the CampaignEdit

Sabjorn and Daevis tracked Balthus to his lair in the tombs, fighting past his undead minions. They finally managed to corner him in his holdfast and overpower him despite a significant struggle. He was shown no mercy, and the party were rewarded by D'Val.