The gardens of Alessandri Estate

Alessandri Estate in the province of Aravel was granted to Lord Hanu Alessandri when he was raised to the nobility by King Davram Despard of Altea. Darius Malandrino - a cultured and charismatic Altean - acts as Lord Alessandri's steward in his absence (and also serves as a mentor for the students of the house). He has offered a thousand gold reward to any adventurer who can rid Aravel of its bandit problem. The estate is currently guarded by Rissan, a proficient mercenary. There is also an expansive library managed by the sage Midas, although Hanu often criticizes the scholar for his laziness. Lord Alessandri's illegitimate son Ezvan (born in Tashkan) also lives at the estate. There have been rumours that the estate is the headquarters of an assassin's guild led by Lord Alessandri and dedicated to serving the interests of the Altean Throne, though as yet these whispers have not proven to have any basis in reality.


The house is less famous than the gardens - whose olive and cypress groves are said to be some of the most beautiful in all of Altea. To the northwest of the estate lies the small fishing coastal village of Tehyr, which is produces olive oil and is occasionally troubled by sahuagin raiders. To the southeast lies the village of Aravel, which produces wine, wood and bread. To the south there is fertile land for fields and orchards which grow grapes, grains and citrus fruits. To the east lie some ancient imperial ruins, though it has yet to be confirmed that there are underground passages beneath that have never been excavated. Beyond the ruins lies a dense forest known as the Thickthorn Wild.